Italian nihilist/anarchist journal detailing the efforts of their chapter of the FAI.

They translated it themselves, so the translation quality is pretty low. I am working to fix it but that takes time. Enjoy this for now and wait forever for an update!




May Catalog, New Editor

It’s been a busy few weeks, and alot has been in my backlog due to my new full time job. However with that I have found even more inspiration and have finally started getting some projects wrapped up.

First thing first, everything will actually be edited! Yes, that means expect proper grammar. Natalie is a good friend of mine who’s offers to edit have finally been taken up. Say goodbye to my stubborn mickness and say hello to papers you might be able to cite for your own essays.

Now, the catalog for may!

Organizing Without Organizations; A short and simple primer for well, organizing without organizations of course!

The Internet And Other Drugs; A dialogue starter on anarchist use of the internet, and how it has effected us.

A Letter To Him; A short story about a sexual experience I had when I was 16 after the Seattle Anarchist Bookfair. NSFW of course

Finally, some special first ever published outside of Modern Slavery essays by Paul Z. Simons, a personal inspiration of mine who I actually first met at that very seattle bookfair.

As usual everything will be Anti-Copyright, however a logo is coming soon and will be on all version I publish. Always free, always available to anyone.

Stay angry lumpen proles.

A Quick Intro About Us

This “us” is no longer an “us” sadly, as I have no clue where Echo is and what they are doing with their life. All I know is they are living vicariously with complete and utter rebellion. A true comrade who will always live in my heart.

I am however, still keeping this going.

This project came out of a split within the Portland Student Union, a group for which I helped start.

After we were collectively pepper sprayed by the police when we confronted them with our homemade shields, there was alot of disagreement. I wanted to escelate, they wanted to de-escalate. Several others joined my vocal disagreements and after the release of “Manifesto Against Schools” several attacks were carried out autonomously and anonymously.

Several Armatark trucks were vandalized, and an entire building was torched in the biggest fire portland has ever seen.

Since then insurrectionary activity has died down, and that is where this Distro comes in.

The goal is to not only incite but encourage insurrectionary behaviour. I unapologetically support and advocate for attack. Smashing windows, torching buildings, killing cops. If it is anti-social order I support it, as does this project which has grown on not only an international level in terms of reach, but on a national level in actual support and advocacy for insurrection.

Let them throw me in prison, let them kill me for encouraging crime and rebellion.

So there you have it, a brief introduction. Kill your boss, kill the cop driving by your house, and burn the whole system down.

Live vicariously, iconoclastically, philoclastically. Experience true freedom.

With love, Armeanio Lewis.

Why Smash Windows (Printable Version) Courtesy of Warzone Distro

This version of why break windows comes complete as a printable zine version. This version is not meant for online reading but distribution and publication.

If you would like to add your own pictures, feel free to download the PDF of the online version!

WhyBreakWindows is the printable zine version

They Canüt Stop Us; Why Break Windows is the online version